Phone Orders


summer 2018

OPEN for the Season




NO e-mail or facebook order are taken



Thanks for understanding that EVERYTHING we sell as ready-picked is CAREFULLY HAND PICKED, each day.....no sticks, no stems, no leaves... A lot of the time better than you can pick yourself.. We BELIEVE we have the BEST ready-pickers in the AREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Helpful Hints on obtaining Ready-picked berres:

The best way to ensure that you have plenty of berries for the winter is to call ahead and place your order.


Local folks and those in town each weekend, like to place standing orders for a small amount each week  (5 pounds ). This ensures the freshest berries for your weekend stay. It also allows local folks to freeze their berries easily without spending hours putting them up.

Side note: Freeze fresh blueberries without washing


Also....  Please remember.....having 9 varities means that each different variety has its own charactistics ( meaning size and taste).  Berries that you get at the beginning of the season will be different from those you get during the middle of the seaon, which will again, be different from those you get at the end of the season....Something to keep in mind when ordering your berries.  WE DO NOT take orders for specific berry types.  We allow our pickers to pick where they can do the best job.