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THANK YOU  to all our wonderful guests that arrived upon STATELINE BLUEBERRIES front gate and partook in the wonders that are picking blueberries at STATELINE!  It's always amazing the people you meet and greet along the way, they help shape who you are!


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~Hello Friends and Family~


We are closed for the season



The farm update section is where you will want to go to find the most up to date picking information


Hope to see you out at the farm summer 2021!


In 2020...

We have planted new varieties and also have put in some much-needed drip irrigation. 



 We planted over 1400  Chanticleer blueberry bushes this past spring, and 700 Draper blueberry bushes. These varieties are both new to the farm and we hope to be picking on them in a few years.

The Nelson planting should be ready to pick on by next year. 


We have done some extensive research and feel these varieties will enhance the pickability at our farm. 

We have spent many hours this season working on these new crops:

from picking off the blossoms to adding drip irrigation.

make time this summer to experience 



Join  us for " A Fun Family Tradition!"

Picking Blueberries at STATELINE



Please check the Farm Update section for more information regarding picking conditions.


We are also pleased to announce that we have received the  TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence! We would like to thank our "summer family," -- without you, this would not have been possible.



The Best Blueberries at the Best Price

STATELINE BLUEBERRIES is committed to providing our customers with the freshest, locally grown and harvested blueberries for a great price. Our blueberries are not only fresher and taste better, but by buying locally you are supporting the local economy and reducing the amount of energy used in transportation. We invite you to visit us and discover what our farm has to offer.


We accept ALL forms of payment ( Cash, Check, and Charge)

We are the ONLY farm in the area that accepts credit cards.

Make sure you are at STATELINE BLUEBERRIES before you start to pick



Quality and Service that Exceeds Expectations

STATELINE BLUEBERRIES has become a local center for a wide variety of blueberries.  We have 12 varieties that ripen at various times throughout the season thus allowing us to remain open longer than most farms during the berry season. Our farm has passed rigorous quality controls and is regularly subjected to spot inspections, and only the best of the harvest is accepted.

See you next year  for another fruitfully fun season


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