About Us

Last year 2022 Lakeshore Public Access TV's studio came out and interviewed Dean, and we are part of episode 409 of Friends and Neighbors. Thanks, LakeshoreTelevision!

STATELINE BLUEBERRIES  is a family-run farm that has 12 varieties of blueberries on 35 acres.  The planting goes back to 1942 and is as recent as 2023. The farm is maintained for the U-pick customer.  Grass in the rows and the availability to pick wherever you like makes for a pleasurable day.


The picking season runs from the last week in June to the middle of August, Although we are always at the mercy of  Mother Nature, and berries ripen on her schedule.  It is always a good idea to call at the beginning of the season for the exact opening date and again at the end to see how late into August we will be picking.


Our knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions.


Our Farm

We are a family business that has truly established itself, developing real roots in our community.


Along with our u-pick blueberries, we do sell berries ready-picked for those who don't have time to engage in this wonderful experience.  We also sell blueberry blossom honey, blueberry jam,  blueberry syrup, and maple syrup along with Blueberry BBQ sauce and Blueberry Honey Mustard. We also sell cold beverages.  New this year: we will be selling  Blueberry Beef Jerky. Oh, SO GOOD! We have a limited supply-Get it before it's gone!  


This throwback photo of the family was taken over 10 years ago, boy how time flies.  You'll be hard-pressed to even recognize the kids today.

We have a lovely shadded picnic area

A little HISTORY about the farm and about the family 


The farm was planted in 1942.  Most of the bushes that were planted then are still here today.  The labor-intensive work to plant the bushes was done by Fred Westphal ( pictured to the left),

brother; to the man behind the dream.  Fred, who moved to Florida, would come and pick berries every year until he died in 2002.  He was 97 years old.  The bushes and his memory live on!~

Dean and I bought the farm ( literally) 25 years ago. Boy does time fly.  When we moved out to the area 26 years ago from the "region" a good friend of ours told us about the best place to pick berries in this area. I ended up picking across the street on the Blue Crop (right in front of the trailer) and was amazed at the size of the berries!  I was not thinking a whole lot about berry farming then; for I was still teaching elementary school.  During the winter, Dean and I noticed the farm was for sale..... On a whim, we looked into it, and low and behold, the rest is history.  Dean felt that I needed a summer job since school teachers have their summers off and he was working 12 months of the year; he felt I should be too!


The first year we owned the farm I was 9 months pregnant and we had our first child, at the height of the season......third week in July.  What a crazy summer that was...... our extended farm family still tells stories of the day I went into premature labor and they thought they would be delivering the baby right here at the farm.  Wouldn't that be the one to tell the grandchildren? LOL.  Our youngest son, Owen, was also born during the busy season.  Three tractor drivers later, we are happy with our family and are concentrating our efforts on providing exceptional service to our guests!


Our children are nearing the end of their blueberry farm experience.  Our eldest is now in the last year of Grad school at the University of Minnesota focusing on a medical degree.   Lieutenant Drake has just graduated from West Point MILITARY ACADEMY. He should make an appearance at the farm this summer.  As for Owen,  still playing hockey and was recruited by PNW to play for their Division 1  hockey team. He will also be working on his business/marketing degree in hopes of running the farm one day.  We will also have some young blueberry lovers helping us due to the increasing number of guests we seem to be generating here at the farm.....They are like our family and hope you treat them with the same kindness you have shown us over the years!!