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We are OPEN!


It's officially SUMMER 2018

 The farm is open


scroll down to read more about the picking conditions


Just an FYI:

We accept ALL forms of payment (cash, check & credit cards)

We are the ONLY farm in the area that does,

Make sure you are at STATELINE BLUEBERRIES before you start to pick 




 Summer 2018


 This is our meat and potatoes .... or better yet..... the blueberries and cream of our picking season.  Whenever you want to know which berries we are picking on and how the season is progressing focus on this section.



We try and post photos of the bushes and picking conditions on our Facebook page as well. This allows you to see the farm and decide if the picking is still good for you!




 Summer 2018


It's a great day to be alive 




July 17,  2018


Stateline Blueberries

We are open for the season :

Just as a reminder we are open 7 days a week


We are now open even earlier on the weekdays

We will open at 7 am EVERY DAY !


We feel this weekend will be a great weekend to come out and pick




Today we are picking on:

 Today we are picking on the main part of the farm

We are picking on Blue Etta, Weymouth, Duke, Blue Crop, Blue Ray, Ruble, Rancocas.

Across the street and across the creek are undergoing field maintenance, you will not be allowed to pick there today.


No restrictions on Wed.


Also, Just an FYI: we will be harvesting the Rancocoa blueberry bushes this week. They are smaller sweeter berries and they work well in muffins! Come on out soon if you like those.


Looks like the berries are starting to ripen nicely.

We had some mega pails filled over the weekend and folks thought picking was very good! 


Make plans to come to the ONE and ONLY


Others may claim to be Stateline but you will notice the difference if you are not here!


We will have a busy weekend

this coming weekend 7/21-22 



Remember due to the slow start of the season

we should remain open until the end of August!





Enjoy this brief video , the wonders of nature:

These were picked in the Blue Ray patch summer of 2017


It's  Time to make plans to experience the best blueberries any side of the STATELINE.  The season is just beginning!


I am sure that some of you are even thinking you may only have one or two cups of berries left from last year. And those are as good a GOLD.  Only something berry special will allow me to make those Stateline Blueberries.


Some of you, like myself, may have a box of jam berries in their freezer for the morning smoothie.  Others may be clean out ( Reminder to self:  Pick more berries in 2018.

 Double the amount!)

How it all works

Once you've found a place to park, proceed to our sales shed and say "Hello" to one of the wonderful staff in the shed. They will direct you to the best spot to pick.  Feel free to use our buckets or bring your own. We do ask if you bring your own pail, please allow us to weigh it so that we do not charge you for the weight of your bucket. Take as many buckets as you feel you will need. No charge to use the buckets. The Buckets and Ropes are provided for your convience, please return all barrowed items when you are checking out.  It is recommended that you bring your own containers to transport your tasty treats home.  This can be a box you had laying around your garage or another bucket from your home.....We do provide a couple of different size boxes at a minimal cost to you.


Important notes: 

  •  Please have your money and containers with you when you check out. We DO NOT allow you to take your berries to the car before purchase. 
  • We accept cash and personal check with a valid phone number



  Get your POSTCARD to remind you when its blueberry time

It will look similar to the one above


will have a tasty recipe on the back.  


If you are not on our mail list ... JOIN today...it's FREE!

send us an e-mail with your mailing address or sign up at the farm



have the


in the AREA!

Looking forward to another wonderful blueberry experience this 2018 Season

Best Blueberries this side of the STATELINE