Welcome Summer 2021!


Just an FYI:

We accept ALL forms of payment (cash, check & credit cards)

We are the ONLY farm in the area that does,

Make sure you are at STATELINE BLUEBERRIES before you start to pick 



 $10.00 minimum purchase is required with the credit card

These were picked in the Blue Ray patch summer of 2019


ThurWedSaturSUMMER 2021

 This is our meat and potatoes .... or better yet..... the blueberries and cream of our picking season.  Whenever you want to know which berries we are picking on and how the season is progressing focus on this section.



SUMMER has arrived 2021


It's a great day to be alive 




Stateline Blueberries 

Today is Sunday, July 25, 2021.


We are officially open for the season

daily from 7 am-6 pm central time


Below you will find a list of what we will be available to pick on today:

 Folks have been picking A LOT of berries!!!!  We have sent out our postcards to let folks know we are open.

It's been a wacky weather year and things here at the farm are no different


Enjoy those tasty dynamos 


Plan for morning dew and dress accordingly

 Come out and enjoy the FUN!


Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday you will be able to PICK the WHOLE  farm.  Feel free to go to your secret spot! 


Coville - these berries are located to the left of the sales shed across the creek.  There is a land bridge past the porta potties that will lead you to the correct location.   Once over the bridge, these berries are to the LEFT.

We have mowed in the areas mentioned above.  If the grass is not mowed we are hoping that folks respect the bushes and let the berries ripen.


Blue Ray -these berries are in the far southwest corner of the fam. The patch across the creek was picked very heavy yesterday and the berries need a day or two to bounce back.  They should be good by Saturday if we are getting the heat they say is on the way. These berries are located in the southwest corner of the farm.  Follow the road to the right of the barns until it ends.  The Blue Ray bushes are a walk and to the RIGHT.


Across the street, there is a mixture of Blue Crop and Blue Ray bushes.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday you will be able to pick anywhere on the farm your heart desires.


Weymouth-  these berries are upfront by the sales shed and there are berries on the bushes.   At present, the berries are smaller, more like their normal size. These berries are VERY SWEET. This variety is good for those folks that do not to/or cannot walk far.


Rancocas- these berries are also on the smaller side and oh, so sweet.  They are located in the front east area of the farm.  These berries are almost finished.


Blue Crop-  The berries are a powdery blue color and have a nice size.  Picking is still very good and the bushes still have a lot of fruit on them.


Rubles -these berries are a small sweet and are located to the right of the shed. Down past the young blue crop. There is will an arrow to point to these bushes. Although, you cannot miss them.


Jersey - This is the first time we have mentioned these berries in our farm update this year.  They encompass a majority of the farm and are the taller bushes. They are only located on the main part of the farm. The lead berries are turning blue and we have started to see folks finding their way into these fields.  We have NOT mowed the grass as we are hoping to allow these fields to ripen to their full potential. This would give you the opportunity to pick by the handfuls, as this does not often happen anymore because the farm is also buzzing with activity.




  Keep checking back to get the latest information on picking.  It changes from day to day. We have seen a lot of new visitors through our gates these past few days. The berries need HOT, HUMID nights to ripen.  I know that we all LOVE sleeping with the windows open, but the berries need HEAT  in the evenings.  Today looks like a good day for the berries to do some ripening.


 We are constantly working, cleaning, and cultivating. 

Looks like an abundant crop this year!  


Remember, the bushes are never going to have berries dripping off them, like in the past; due to the fact that folks are here every day picking the Best berries on any side of the STATELINE!



Remember to come on out  this

summer and see what we are all about!




IMPORTANT NOTE: The farm ripens in intervals and each week a new variety will be ready. We have over 30 acres of blueberries but they are not all ripe at the same time. 


It's turning into a Berry Wonderful  Blueberry season!



Make plans this summer  2021

to come to the ONE and ONLY


you won't be disappointed




It is Summer 2021


STATELINE BLUEBERRIES  can't wait to see you!

Once you've found a place to park, proceed to our sales shed and say "Hello" to one of the wonderful staff in the shed. They will direct you to the best spot to pick.  Feel free to use our buckets or bring your own. We do ask if you bring your own pail, please allow us to weigh it so that we do not charge you for the weight of your bucket. Take as many buckets as you feel you will need. No charge to use the buckets. The buckets and ropes are provided for your convenience, please return all borrowed items when you are checking out.  It is recommended that you bring your own containers to transport your tasty treats home.  This can be a box you had laying around your garage or another bucket from your home.....We do provide a couple of different size boxes at a minimal cost to you.


Important notes: 

  •  Please have your money and containers with you when you check out. We DO NOT allow you to take your berries to the car before purchase. 
  • We accept cash, personal checks, and credit cards

Enjoy this brief video , the wonders of nature:

It's  Time to make plans to experience the best blueberries on any side of the STATELINE.  The season is just beginning!


I am sure that some of you are even thinking you may only have one or two cups of berries left from last year. And those are as good a GOLD.  Only something berry special will allow me to make those Stateline Blueberries.


Some of you, like myself, may have a box of jam berries in their freezer for the morning smoothie.  Others may be cleanout ( Reminder to self:  Pick more berries in 2021.

 Double the amount!)

How it all works



  Get your POSTCARD to remind you when its blueberry time

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will have a tasty recipe on the back.  


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Best Blueberries this side of the STATELINE